It’s very easy to use Overtext from your messaging app on your phone without opening an app or accessing the website. This way, you can stay in touch with your people and/or easily share your content. If you are in a group, we will deliver all updates in real-time for free*.

By using commands, you can even quickly create an account on Overtext. Let’s get started:

1) Create an account
Text any message to 888.228.1771 and become a member instantly. Ex:

→ 888.228.1771

2) Share using text message
(to share a post to your feed) → 888.228.1771
@user [TXT TO SEND]
(to mention an user) → 888.228.1771
@queerqueens [TXT TO SEND]
(to share a post to the group) → 888.228.1771

3) Other commands
!FOLLOW @user
→ 888.228.1771
→ 888.228.1771
!JOIN @queerqueens
(to join a group) → 888.228.1771
!LEAVE @queerqueens
(to leave from a group) → 888.228.1771
!ADD @queerqueens [3101234567]
(to add an user) → 888.228.1771
!REMOVE @queerqueens [3101234567]
(to remove an user for group admins) → 888.228.1771
!DM @user [TXT TO SEND]
(to send a direct message to an user) → 888.228.1771

* Please note that your carrier may still charge you for incoming messages.