A non-profit social media for everyone.

Overtext is a non-profit social media platform. You can always stay connected over text message and share your photos, videos, and messages easily with the world.

Since 2020, QueerQueens Collective 501(c)(3) has been diligently working on our dream of creating a completely free, non-profit, and democratic social media platform in response to the normalization of shadowbanning, manipulation, data selling, and unaccountability on social media platforms. By 2024, we are excited to announce that we have merged our two pioneering non-profit social media projects into one, and we are ready to launch the final version of our platform — introducing Overtext, an artist and community focused non-profit social media platform.

Overtext is on a mission to return control to the users and provide an inclusive and equal social media platform for everybody. We prioritize authentic and transparent conversations on the social media platform over profit.

On Overtext, your privacy is a core element. We don’t work with any third-party advertisers and do not monetize your data. You will not see ads in your feed or profile. You browse the content chronologically, NOT determined by a special algorithm. Also, if you decide to quit, you can instantly pause your account or request account deletion within 30 days (to prevent accidents or misuse). No tricks here at all. Your data, your control.

Additionally, we back up your data on non-centralized networks. So, you can be sure your data cannot be altered or removed once saved, unless you choose to do so. Here, you always have control over your data in addition to advanced privacy practices.

Overtext is community-supported, managed, and funded by its users. You can learn more about our story and get involved on our collective page.


The future of Overtext depends on you. Every donation is very important to this project to continue carrying out the mission.

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