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13 days agoQueerQueens@queerqueens

We are still decompressing from the incredible energy of WeHo Pride. Thank you to all the artists, performers, collaborators, volunteers, and wonderful people who stopped by our booth. QueerQueens will continue to amplify women or queer artists, musicians, and projects. Create an account on QueerQueens’s social media network Overtext, and join the QQ LA group to stay in touch and get updates from us (join by sending a text message @qqla to 888.228.1771). Using Overtext, you can create your own group and stay connected with your community via SMS without shadowbanning or data monetization. We will share all performance videos on Overtext very soon. #WeHoPride #QueerQueens #WomenArtists #QueerArtists #Overtext #LAPride #Community #AmplifyVoices #LGBTQIA #WestHollywood #Pride2024 #WeHoPride2024 #LGBTQ #QueerCommunity #PrideFest #WeHoArtists #PridePerformers

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18 days agoSam Sharman@thesamsharman

Hi babes! So excited to officially be on OverText! I love the culturally impactful ethos of this platform. We can’t wait to see you at WeHo Pride tomorrow! Xoxox

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27 days agoLA Laura Paris@lalauraparis

Listen to my new song GAME OVER 👾🎶

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1 month agoBeeDavies@beecoin

What are you all up to?

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3 months agoQueerQueens@queerqueens

QueerQueens is introducing a non-profit social media platform. Stay connected over text message and easily share your photos, videos, and messages with the world. Reserve your username and give our test launch a try now! We are so thrilled to announce our new social media platform Overtext! Overtext is an artist and community focused non-profit social media platform. Overtext is on a mission to empower users and provide a free, inclusive, and equitable social media experience for everyone. We prioritize authentic and transparent conversations on social media over profit. Privacy is at the core of Overtext. We do not work with third-party advertisers or monetize your data. You won't see ads in your feed, and your content won't be determined by algorithms. You're invited to try the future of social media! Overtext works via text message. You don't need to install an app or open a tab. You can start using Overtext by sending SMS messages. This way, you can stay connected with your people and/or share your content easily. If you're part of a group, we'll deliver all real-time updates free of charge. To get started and reserve your username, all you need is a phone number. If you've previously joined Rainbow using your email address, you can easily recover your username & content by verifying your email during sign-up*. If you are new, you can just use your mobile number to get started and reserve your username. By using text message commands, you can quickly create an account on Overtext. To create an account, text any message to 888.228.1771 (e.g., "Hello" to 888.228.1771) You can also send a text to 888.228.1771 to share a post to your feed, or mention a post to a group or someone by starting your message with '@groupname' or '@usermame'. All Overtext commands can be found here: https://overtext.me/commands PS: Reach out to us to activate your special phone number for your group or community. Starting in 2024, we changed our collective name from enBiPa to QueerQueens to enhance inclusivity. QueerQueens is a 501(c)(3) Tech Equity Hub and Social Network committed to empowering and supporting women and LGBTQIA+ artists worldwide. Our mission is to establish a tech equity hub through our tech endeavors and provide free or low-cost studio spaces, networking, social platforms, technology support, consulting, and mental health resources. One of QueerQueens's primary focuses is on music, where we strive to create a platform that amplifies the voices of LGBTQIA+ artists, celebrates diversity, and promotes inclusivity. We have many music features coming to the platform. Whether it's showcasing emerging talents or highlighting established artists, we aim to provide a space where musicians can thrive and connect with audiences globally. As part of our mission, QueerQueens actively explores the ethical and privacy implications of artificial intelligence (AI). As technology advances, it's essential to ensure that AI tools and systems are developed and deployed in ways that respect individual rights and uphold ethical principles. We are committed to fostering discussions, conducting research, and advocating for responsible AI practices to safeguard privacy and mitigate potential biases and discrimination. QueerQueens is also dedicated to exploring the transformative potential of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) in the realm of artistic expression. These immersive technologies offer new opportunities for storytelling, interactive experiences, and collaborative art projects. We will also feature these technologies and products, providing a platform for artists to showcase their work and explore the creative possibilities offered by VR and AR. * For any assistance with account recovery, please email hello@overtext.me. The best is yet to come! QueerQueens

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3 months ago@alexis

Hey everyone, have you ever thought about the color of your thoughts? I believe mine are a vibrant shade of neon green, pulsating with creativity and curiosity. Let's embrace our unique mental hues!

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4 months agoOdara@odarapineda

I just love that this is available, I love that this is happening. Social media by the people and for the people ❤️❤️❤️ I can’t wait to dive in and connect with others here

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5 months agoAlex mazakas@alexmazakas

Making new friends at AmBi

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11 months agoSam Sharman@thesamsharman

Performing my new song I AM SAM! what a delight to share with such a rad crowd! Streaming everywhere now + #Web3 special edition release coming end of July!

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1 year agoOge@oge

Venice Beach created by #ai #venicebeach.. Browse gallery: https://just1.app/WSH842

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1 year agoOge@oge

Take your dreams seriously.

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1 year agoJeff Winchester@JeffWinchester

Everyone stay safe in this brutal cold front!

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1 year agoJeff Winchester@JeffWinchester

This is one easy way to #microblog !

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1 year agoJason@jason

Stress builds character, bliss brings balance.

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1 year agoQueerQueens@queerqueens

President Joe Biden officially signed the historic Respect for Marriage Act (RMFA) into law, advancing key protections for same-sex and interracial marriages. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ #rmfa #respectformarriageact #gaymarriage #queermarriage #LGBTQ #pride #nonbinary

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1 year agoDevin Andrew White@devinawhite21

Hello everybody ☺️

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1 year agoFletcher Christian@projamkiller

This is interesting. Seems a little to novel to work but I’ll give it a shot.

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1 year agoQueerQueens@queerqueens

txtwtr is currently in the beta stage. we’ll officially launch it on 1/1/23.☝️👀 but feel free to join the waitlist to receive an official invitation. https://getwaitlist.com/waitlist/4526

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1 year agoQueerQueens@queerqueens

people migrating from twitter! we feel you 🙏 welcome to txtwtr! please make sure to follow all enbipa projects and consider contributions: https://opencollective.com/enbipa/donate

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1 year agoOge@oge

#RIP Twitter

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1 year agoMandee Logsdon @mandeebeth

A lovely evening in Austin, TX 🌙

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