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Come tell us a story Give us presentation on your favorite plants Recite a poem Practice coming out to your grandma Tell us about that one weekend Read a few paragraphs from your favorite book Bring your friends enBiPa is creating events & community by queers for everyone We are building a new kind of social space We can’t wait to share with you Suggested donation of $10 or FREE ENTRY with donation to our Kickstarter. Just select “RSVP-Donor Entry” ticket & show us your Kickstarter donation e-mail at the door 😊 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/enbipa/justone-non-profit-social-media-platform Doors open at 4 pm Show & Open Mic at 5 pm Dance party after sunset Full bar available all night Local artists & small businesses TBA E-mail hello@enbipa.org to reserve your spot for the open mic, include attachments for powerpoint or video, limited spots available.

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